About Us

Business Data Laboratory has over the years delivered quality services in data science, data analytics, analytics engineering, data visualization, data reporting, and shiny web applications.

Based in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, FCT, our company was founded in 2019, on a unique approach to delivering data-related services and training. We have worked with both public and private organizations using agile methodology to enable our customers to achieve value within the fastest achievable time.

Our consultants are scrum-certified professionals and agile coaches, and we also teach agile to our customers workforce. As an organization, we believe in giving back to our community both locally and internationally.

As part of our contribution to the open-source community, we support Abuja R User Group and R-Ladies Abuja meetups to support the adoption and learning of open-source R programming language.

What Sets Us Apart


Experienced and Certified Consultants

Our team of highly skilled & experienced developers who will deliver quality work that is tested, usable and on time using the agile methodology.


Agile Service Delivery

At Business Data Laboratory, we deliver our services based on Agile methodology. We believe in an iterative approach to service delivery with emphasis on collaboration, detail communication and delivering value at the earliest time.


Customer satisfaction

Our customers' satisfaction based on their feedbacks and adoption of our products and services are of utmost value to our success as an organization. We deliver value to your business every step of our way till the end.

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